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Invited Speakers

The XRM2014 organising committee are pleased to announce the following invited speakers who will present cutting-edge material in their field. 

Dr Si Chen, USA
2D/3D sub-micron Cryo X-ray Fluorescence Imaging at the Bionanoprobe at the Advanced Photon Source

Prof Adam Hitchcock, McMaster University, Canada
Characterising Automotive Fuel Cell Materials by Soft X-Ray Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy

Dr Felix Hofmann, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
X-Ray Micro-Beam Characterisation of Lattice Distortions Due to an Individual Dislocation

Prof Chris Jacobson, Argonne Lab/Northwestern University, USA
Future Challenges in X-ray Microscopy

Dr Maya Kiskinova, Elettra, Italy
X-ray microscopy with synchrotron and FEL: synergies and new frontiers

Prof Enzo Lombi, University of South Australia, Australia
Biogeochemistry of Nutrients and Contaminants in the Soil-plant Continuum

Mr Goran Lovric, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Tomographic in-Vivo Respiration Studies at the Micrometer Scale

Dr Graeme Morrison, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom
Tribute to Alan Michette

Dr Eva Pereiro, ALBA Synchrotron, Spain
Cryo Soft X-Ray Tomography for Elucidating Pathogen-Cellular Interactions

Dr Christoph Quitmann, MaxIV, Sweden
The Max IV DLSR upgrade: challenges & opportunities

Dr Joerg Raabe, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
OMNY: An Instrument for Tomographic X-Ray Nano Imaging

Dr Anne Sakdinawat, SLAC, USA
Advances in hard x-ray diffractive optics

Professor Chikaro Sato, AIST, Japan
Scanning Electron Microscopy of whole, wet cells at 8 nm resolution

Dr Andreas Schertel, Zeiss, Germany
Cryo-FIB-SEM microscopy on native frozen biological specimens; present capabilities and future goals

Dr David Shapiro, LBNL, USA
Soft X-Ray Ptychography for Nano-Materials Research

Dr Akihisa Takeuchi, JASRI / SPring-8, Japan
Imaging Properties and its Improvements of Scanning/Imaging X-Ray Microscope

Dr Pierre Thibault, UCL, United Kingdom
X-ray ptychography: state of the art, challenges, and opportunities

Mr Ismo Vartiainen, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Zernike Phase Contrast in Full-Field, Scanning, and Ptychographic X-Ray Microscopy

Dr Julie Villanova, ESRF, France
ID16B: A New Nano-Analysis Beamline at the ESRF

Dr David Vine, Argonne National Lab, USA
Simultaneous Cryo X-ray Ptychography and Fluorescence

Dr Vanessa Wood, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
X-ray Microscopy Guiding the Development of Better Batteries