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Big Data Satellite Workshop

The Big Data in X-ray Microscopy Workshop

The Big Data program is now available!

Click here for a list of software demos and posters.

Laby Theatre, Melbourne University, Parkville Campus – Click here for directions.
9am Saturday 25 October to 1pm Sunday 26 October 2014
Directions by tram: From Melbourne Central station take trams 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67 or 72 along Swanston St and alight at Melbourne University.
myki cards can be purchased at the main Melbourne train stations for tram/train journeys
Cost: $90 including GST
Organisers: Sherry Mayo and Chris Ryan
Sponsored by:


With the advent of faster area detectors for imaging, large arrays for spectroscopy and the prospect of high coherent flux from diffraction limited storage rings, planning for future data capture, analysis, collaboration and archival is becoming critical in X-ray microscopy.

International efforts to establish frameworks for Big Data are developing with the PaNdata and PNI-HDRI programs in Europe and the ‘Tao of Fusion’ initiative in the USA, and strategies for handling, sharing, modification during analysis and long-term accessibility and metadata are emerging (e.g. NeXus, Data Exchange).

The Big Data workshop will focus on issues and approaches towards handling the growing data flood facing future X-ray microscopy, including handling the raw data, data formats for collaboration, processing or data reduction, statistical classification or compression, archival and also exploration and discovery within large data-sets. It will have particular emphasis on growing X-ray microscopy issues, such as X-ray tomography, ptychography/CDI and 2D/3D fluorescence data and also include experience, ideas and input from other fields that are dealing with Big Data. The workshop will also encourage and facilitate demonstration of Big-Data software tools by attendees.

Big Data will be discussed around three themes:

  1. Collecting & handling – How to handle the data ‘firehose’ from modern experiments.
  2. Analysis – Exploring and analysing big data, how to get meaning from big data in a timely way.
  3. Sharing and archiving – including data formats and mechanisms for sharing, ‘open’ data & permanent archiving

Confirmed invited speakers for Big Data include:

  • Research Associate Professor Kevin Vinsen, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR): Kevin’s focus is for the issues caused by the huge data sets that modern radio and optical astronomy generates. He is working with colleagues from around the world to design the science data pipe for the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope.
  • Kadda Medjoubi, Soleil: Scanning multi-technique 3D/2D imaging at Soleil: Flyscan architecture, data processing and storage strategy.
  • Chris Jacobsen, APS: “Big data” at USA Light Source facilities
  • Kevin Mader, SLS: Scaling Up: Image Processing and Analytics using Spark
  • David Vine, APS: Rapid Parallelized Reconstruction in Nanobeam Ptychography

If you would like to participate please register for the Big Data in X-ray Microscopy Workshop using the online registration form.

Abstract submission for the Big Data in X-ray Microscopy Workshop is now closed.

Further details on the Big Data in X-ray Microscopy Workshop will be posted on this page as they come to hand, including invited speakers and program.