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Future XRM Conferences

XRM 2016 Conference

Host City:     Oxford, UK
Host Organisation:  Diamond Light Source
Chair:   Christoph Rau, christoph.rau@diamond.ac.uk
Co-Chairs: Burkhard Kaulich, Diamond Light Source
Liz Duke, Diamond Light Source
Contact Email: xrm2016@diamond.ac.uk
Website: www.XRM2016.com

XRM2016 Logo

XRM 2018 Conference

Bids to host XRM in 2018 were presented at XRM2014 and decided by a vote of attendees. The winning bid was announced at the conference dinner on Wednesday evening 29th October.

The following presentations were entertained:

Host Organisation: National Synchrotron Light Source II
Host City: New York, USA
Abstract proposal: The National Synchrotron Light Source II bid to host the X-Ray Microscopy Conference in 2018 in New York
Host Organisation: University of Saskatchewan and Canadian Light Source
Host City: Saskatoon, Canada
Abstract proposal: Canadian Proposal for the XRM2018 Conference Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


With a vote of 99 to 94, the winner was … Canada!